Thursday, 4 October 2012

Our Fundraiser for Hip Dysplasia!


On a cold and rainny Saturday morning , together with my family and some friends we gathered outside on my front lawn and praied the rain would stop!
 With the encouragment from 'One Hip World' I put together this garage sale thinking I had a tone of stuff I could sell and make money to donate to the Intarnational HIp Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). 
However as I went through my house I realized unless I start selling items I use, there was not much.  So I put an advert out to my neightbours, friends and family.  Then I prayed!
But the morning of my garage sale my two car garage was filled!!

At about 0400 this morning the rains came.  At the time I did not know that since I was still sleeping but my sister told me when I opened my front door at about 0550 to her and a close friend sitting on the porch watching a light rain fall. We opend up the garage doors, because the sale was on rain or shine!  Just after 0600 as we were starting to lay out the goods a car pulled up and two men jumped out and said "good morning?"  My reply was "you are a litte early!" (the sale said from 0700-1200)  But as soon as I said that silly comment I told myself to be happy!  They ended up purchasing a lot of items and I do remember them comming back later that morning!

The rains came and left all morning but when they started to fall I found myself praying, too hold off a little longer.  And they did! 

The people kept coming, and coming! It was amazing! One man bought one little toy car for $40! Others were your normal garage sale people.  I had told my sisters that when they were barttering with people to start higher than normal, but to really not let them walk away without there special something.  And most imprtant not to say, "well it is for charity." I just felt it was more polite that way.  I guess that is just me.

My son had a blast selling his cookies and kool-aid! He was frezzing but did not want to leave his post to walk around "just in case a customer comes!"  In the end he sold all of our cookies and his Aunt Lori's cup cakes and One Hip World cookies she had made for us!

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  1. Hi! Thank you for writing this blog! They caught my daughters left hip dysplasia in her first weeks so they did a closed reduction and 9 months in a rigid brace so her pelvic bone flattened and she walks normally. Now at 24 months we just saw her ortho though and have to go in for another procedure and another 6 weeks in a brace. Do you have any recommendations on things to make her time in the brace easier for her? Things we should buy for sleeping, eating, etc?