Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pin Removal Day - July 24, 2012

The beautiful summer Tuesday Of July 24 saw us back in the operating room for pin removal from Abby's left salters osteotomy that was performed March 27, 2012

Looking back on this day was fast and without any issues and life went back to normal very soon after.  We stayed away from the beaches and pools for about a week,(to let the incison site heal) but then we were right back enjoying our Summer 2012!

However walking your child down the halls of the sterile surery suite and trying to make them laugh as you place the "gas" over there sweet little face, telling them it will all be okay and just breath it in ...while you are breaking into a million pices praying with everything you have to just hold on till her eyes roll back and face turns pale...and God help the man who ignored my child's issue for so long that that is why we are doing "this again"...he better be no where in site!  Yah....still sucks.  But she did wake up again smiling and all that had been put aside...for now.

So since it was a smooth day procedure for Abby, there is not much for the story.  We went in, had the surgery.  He reopened the initial left hip salter osteotomy site. Unscrewed the two screws, bla bla bla and put humpty back together again!
Waiting with Daddy
Being silly with mommy while we waited some more...

Abby smiling for the camera so we could send Daddy a picture of Abby to show him she was alright while I was with her in the recovery room.

Relaxing at home a few hours later...she preferd my sunglasses, snugles and movies of her choice

From the day the pins were removed while still in the OR

About one week later.  Her skin is a little sensative to the adhesive.
 ...And you should see the way she runs now! :)

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