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Abby's Second Surgery for Hip Dysplasia

Tuesday March 27, 2012 marked the morning of our daughters second surgery to correct her hip dysplasia.  It was a cool dark morning and as we drove to the hospital I found myself reading the places the transport trucks were from wishing I was there and not where I was.  I didn't want her or my family to have to go threw this again.  Not only is this hard on Abby who this time needs to be broken, in order for her to heal and walk with out pain (hopefully), but It is hard on my son who once again gets pushed to the side a little.  I love to treat my children the same and special but it is hard not to give Abby my attention first every time when she is like this.  And he feels this for sure! But I guess if I am able to acknowledge; they say (whomever THEY are!) that, that's the start!  I just wished THEY gave more advice on how to do the next part! LOL

At 0818 her and I once again walked down that long busy, filled with all different types of special O.R equipment to the room at the very end.  In I walked carring my baby Abby laughing all the way and giggling her inocent heart filled from her toes giggle since I kept tickling her to distract myself from the tears that were welling up inside my soul.  I danced with her aroung the room.  Showing her all the cool equipment and introducing my baby girl to all who gave me eye contact and to show them her beautiful laugh.  Then I laid her on the grey cold skinny table, her eyes big with fear and trust all the while she giggled and laughed.  In walked her Doctor and and before saying 'Hi' or 'good morning,' hearing her joyful laughter, comes out of his lips..."She's like a lamb before the slaughter.  Look she is so happy and what's going to happen..." in jumped a nurse who said "Doctor, from a mothers heart please stop!"
Maybe because I work in the health care field or it is my personality, but I initially thought wow you are so bang on with that comment, but HEY this is my little Lamb! I am also glad to see that I am not the only one who has to put their foot in his mouth!  Lord knows I have done that too many times!!

The surgery went well!  She had a left pelvic Salter osteotomy and they gave her a hot pink cast!

Abby's initial x-ray at 19months
This photo is post her initial surgery of a bilateral open reduction
 and now the second surgery of a Left Salters Osteotomy.  Abby age 2.5 years.
(casted photo)
A random persons x-ray, but I found it helpful in comparing
where we started and where we need to go.
This picture shows the right hip is dysplaced and the left is normal.

We then were moved to the pediatric ward and found ourselves in a private room this time! Thank you Jesus!!  My husband and son came to visit later in the day,
and my son was such a good loving brother! I hope this continues forever!!

The next morning we woke, and I thought there could be a chance that we might be discharged today! However I asked Abby and she told me"no, tomorrow."  Oh, okay then.  But as the day went visitors came and left.  Then I noticed that her heart rate was up tremendously and her Sp02 was considerably low.  She looked pale and cyanotic all at the same time, but I first switched the Sp02 prob to make sure it was reading well then ran out to grab her nurse. Well after a number hours of wondering what it could be the blood worked only showed that she was anemic but not to the point that she needed a blood transfusion.  So she was diagnosed with Adelectisis because of the inability to clear her lungs post surgery.

This too resolved with time and meds and we were discharged home on the Friday April 30, 2012  However on the day of discharge when the nurse was taking out her IV's Abby was very concerned and with her big blue eyes she looked up at the nurse and pleaded, "but please don't take off my pink spikie cast."

Here are some pictures of our stay this time.

On May 10, 2012 we have our next visit with the Doctor to determine if there has been enough healing in her left hip to take her cast off.  Then she has the summer to learn to walk again. (for a third time) 
And then as per the Doctor, in September we will re-evaluate the right hip and determine if it too will need a Salters Osteotomy or not. 

So we wait.  Hip Dysplasia is teaching me a number of things...the first being patient.

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  1. what great parents are u guys i am having the same problem with my baby meti and God help me.