Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February 26, 2013

The wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays have blown by us again and this year the winter has been in our favour as our back yard rink has been a wonderful playground for the children!
On Wed January 23 we were back in to see our Ortho Doctor for more x-rays to determin what the next step might be.  Well Abby was right last fall, she needed another hip surgery.  This time she will have a right salters pelvic osteotomy since the right hip angle is still over a 36 and has not changed in over a year.
The brings us to today.  You see I am writing this blog post from her bedside. God in his mercy has gotten us this far rather unscathed! Abby is currently resting peacefully.  But is experiencing minor muscle spasms and discomfort. She is on a morphie infusion that seams to have taken the edge off for now.  I am hoping for a great nights rest so that whatever tomorrow may brings she will have
more strength to endure it!
We are looking at about 6 weeks in this purple spica cast followed by a late spring and summer of learning how to walk again, just in time for Abby to start Junior Kindergarden!!
I/we do not know what the the future holds, but we are taking refuge in the fact that we know Who holds the future! So as I close tonight, thank you for all the prayers, love and support from everyone! It has been wonderful! So until the next x-ray, Peace be with you!

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