Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fall Update & Abby's Hip Video

Ab and Jake. He is 15 years old

Abby is doing amazing, all things considered! We have had an amazing summer with family camping trips and weekly adventures to different Provincial Parks within a two hour drive of our house.  We all loved the cast free summer, the sandy beaches, and swimming almost every day!

 Ab and cast free Legs at Sandbanks Provincial Park

 On October 11 we were back in for another follow up.  Her Doctor likes how the left hip is healing and how the right hip is staying "in place," but the right hip angle is still very high. (over a 30 degree angle)   However with this being said he loves her range of motion and her ability to run, jump and play almost as well as the other children her age.  So he would like us to see him again in January.  To see how much if any her hip angle will change from now till then.  I am optimistic, but fully aware that my now three year old keeps saying she "will have a purple spikie cast next that will go down to her toes on the right and her knee on the left." Time will confirm I guess. So till our next appointment, we have a cast free Christmas and New Years!

Abby's x-rays taken October 11, 2012

Abby's Hip Story in a Video
The following link is a video my husband put together of Abby and her 'Hip Journey" so far.  I think is it just amazing, and from reviews on facebook, you might need a Kleenex box beside you esp if you are a "Hip mom!"  Please share as you feel necessary!

Abby (in purple) warming up at her gymnastics class!


My favourite two people in the whole world!

Blessings be to you all this Holiday Season and I will see you in the New year!!

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