Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cast Change Day! - August 10, 2011

The morning of August 10 at 0800 saw us back in the OR.  I thought that the second time being with Abby as she was put to sleep would be easier.  It was not.  The plan was to have her initial cast off.  Then the Doctor would assessed her hips and measured her for her harness and determined how much longer she will be in the second cast for.
An hour and a half later the Doctor came to Abby's recovery room bedside and preceded to tell me ...well I am not too sure what he said exactly because that was when I was just reunited with her and all I really cared about was comforting her and assisting her nurses on how to effectively put a diaper on a child in a Spica cast.  So all I remember was him saying that "everything looks good. Well get a CT to confirm this; and I'll be back to chat."

What seamed like in only a few minutes Abby and I were back from radiology and she was vomiting.  This was the time that her Doctor came back and said something.  But again all I remember was him saying "everything looks great so I'll see you in the clinic in 3 weeks."  Then in a hurry he took off back to the OR for his next case.

Then were brought to the same day recovery room area. We stayed one more hour and then discharged home with an appointment card for September 1, 2011. 

The second procedure done and all I know is that "everything looks good."

I want to know " what looks good." I want him to talk to me as if I am not her parent.  So after obtaining her CT and X-Rays from Aug 11,  I find myself attempting to become a Radiologist/Pediatric Orthopod.
I have hundreds of films to review but I will post one from the CT and one form X-ray to show you what her bones/hips look like thirty days post her bilateral open reduction. 

(Feel free to tell me what you think of them!)

As far as Abby is concerned.  She has required no further medication for pain control. Her sleep and diet have not been compromised in any way this time around. By the late afternoon we were at the park playing on the swings with the warm sun on our face and wind in our hair!  Oh, to be free like a child! 

Cast change has been successful!

Life at our house is  "back to normal."  September 1, 2011 will be a new story!!

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